Author, Lela LaBree Stute




Chiapugs: Books to provide encouragement and hope for the modern pug owner.                


Note: These books are not for the frail, weak or sickly.


When two strangers learn they are both pug owners, chances are, they will become instant 


There is so much to talk about, so much to compare. 

Most pug people know their pug’s birthday and remember the exact date the pug moved into

the family home and took over.

It is normal for pug people to arrange play dates for their pugs and pug-sit for each other. 

It is a well known fact that pug’s do not like to be alone. 

Pug’s are social – they live for attention and affection. Pugs were designed to be companions 

to us.

Anyone who has had a pug or knows a pug, wants to know more. 

Why are pugs the way they are? 

The answer is simple.  Know one knows why pug's are so unusual. We just have to accept 

them as they are.

 They have unique personalities.


Pug’s are most often, highly emotional, clever and curious.

Pug’s do talk, they screech, scream, yell, yowl, laugh and cry. 

Pug's are the only dogs that can sneeze at will. A pug will normally sneeze when he does not 

like the service that is being  offered to him or he is simply displeased with the situation he is

placed in.

Pug's yawn when they are anxious. 

Pug's go to the water dish when the situation calls for some thought or planning.


An example would be; there is a disagreement between the pugs or possibly the pug is asked 

to go for a walk in the rain.

Pug's communicate with us and each other quite specifically. 

They are natural clowns and love us unconditionally. 

Pugs love everyone. 

They love the postal delivery person, the UPS driver, the next door neighbor, the vet, the 

lawn mowing service people, etc. 

Pug's consider all people, their people.

Many times people ask: "What do your pug's do all day?"

Here is an example of a normal day in a pug's life.

The pug's wake up, take a bath, have a light breakfast followed by a short walk or a ride in the


Next, they return home, enter the home library to listen to their Tom Jones and Johnny Cash 

records. While listening to their  music they sit on easy chairs and read books.

After getting comfortable, a light snack is served to them. 

The easy chairs allow them to comfortably munch on tasty treats and sip imported water 

while they read and doze off.

After they have reached their optimal comfort level they begin to stir about.

When they are fully awake, (around noon) they put their heads together and decide what kind

of chicanery they will involve  themselves in that day

Usually this is the point where the story of the day begins.


After their daily adventure, if they have not landed in jail, the dog pound or the hospital – the 

pugs return home for their evening bath and a lovely long dinner filled with chatter and 


While they discuss the activities of the day, they dine on some type of unique- expensive food

 and most likely, their favourite imported bottled water followed by an exotic dessert.

After dinner they go out for a stroll in their neighbourhood hoping to chat with some of the 

local pets - eager to exchange the daily news. 

Once comfortably filled with the most current information, they return home to prepare for


Eventually the pug sisters jump on the big bed for some sleep.

Anyone who might walk by their open window will hear much chatter, laughter and 

sometimes  a loud thump or two (a pug falling out of bed). 

These sounds usually continue until midnight when much needed sleep takes over- leaving 

only the sounds of the pugs snoring.

The next day, it all begins again.  

Somewhere in Wisconsin....................

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